6 noviembre, 2015

Isolated Systems

Development of isolated systems

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Chile today

Chile faces the driest decade of the last 150 years, causing fresh water shortages. This effects over 1.5 million people in 206 municipalities. In mining, water is vital for production processes, which directly effects production costs and levels of investment.

Additionally, Chile is one of the most expensive energy regions and lacks of new power projects. Mining investment is also paralyzed.


We have set a social mission to impact more than one million people living in the coastal area and in remote and island areas by providing access to electricity and / or fresh water drawn from the sea, thus improving their living conditions.


  • We will operate on this axis, as a type B company, which seeks to meet the needs of water and electricity to isolated areas or islands of Chile, which are burdened with limited access to energy at high costs.
  • Development of pilot plants for mining, which seek to explore the feasibility of obtaining energy NCRE for Chile’s main industry.


Performance integrated solutions for device of 100Kw 


Power                : 61,52 KW

Energya anual   : 1.078 MWh

Impact                : 25 houses of 4 people with a power consumption of 2500 W



agua-potable-y-limpiaflow Journal      : 223 m3

Flowl Seg        : 2,58 litros

Impact             :1,486 persons or 3.7 hectare irrigated




Power   Led      : 350 W

Impact             : 1,5 Km



Other income

  • sell energy by «Net Billing»  (law Ley 20.571 in Chile)