13 septiembre, 2015





Wilefko has developed a motor capable of turning waves thousands of wave impacts in one continuous motion. It consists of a metal structure anchored to the seabed with a series of concave blades that are impacted by the waves, besides having an intermediate phase energy storage using compressed air for power generation. This multipurpose wave engine is used for the purpose of:

  • Generation of electricity.
  • Pumping seawater.
  • Supplying compressed air to industrial or mining sites.

    Competitive Advantages

    • The energy storage using compressed air would deliver electricity at peak demand by providing night power; this is our greatest competitive advantage over the other URE.
    • The availability of wave energy is 30% higher than the wind and 50% higher than the sun, because the latter does not produce energy at night, while the sea is in constant movement 24 hours a day and seven days per week.
    • High scalability facilities from individual devices 100 KW to 20 MW or more per farm.
    • The technology does not pollute or generate toxic waste.
    • The design includes multi-flaps that are able to extract from 2-3 times more energy from the same wave.
    • Capture the energy from broken waves, which is the most concentrated wave energy because the particles rise back upward, concentrating energy from a shorter wave.
    • More competitive installation costs, because installation is done from the shore, ships are not needed for transport and installation, as with other wave energy technologies.


dispositivo 100Kw

Value Proposition

Our value proposition for companies include:

  • Incorporate new production processes of renewable energy sources, promoting the diversification of the energy matrix.
  • Incorporate production processes CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) with renewable energy and thus contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases.
  • In the context of corporate social responsibility, 100K Wilefko teams are a tool for mitigation plans and socio-environmental compensation; enabling improved access to water and electricity in villages at risk.
  • Creating value of corporate image for the use of renewable energies associated with promoting the development of new Chilean technology.
  • Transform active carbon bonds.

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